Roofing Paisley

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Paisley area.

Roofing Paisley

If you are looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in the Paisley area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing roofing solutions.

Get a professional and expert roofing company – and avoid the cowboys!

It seems an obvious answer to the question why is your roof important, is that it is your main defence against the weather but many homeowners fail to consider that it is an important part of the overall value of your home. Neglecting your roof will means decreasing the value of your home.

And so, keeping your roof in good working order is essential in keeping you warm and dry, with the additional benefit that in the event of selling your home, your roof will be in tip top condition.

Doing repairs and maintenance at height is not something that everyone is able or willing to do. In order to keep the roof on your Paisley property healthy, you will need the services of a roofing company.

Like many building and construction trades, roofing companies have come in for some criticism over the years with many customers still thinking that the industry is dominated by rogue roofers. This is not the case but just in case you are not sure how to tell the professional roofing companies from the cowboys, bear the following in mind in your roofing company search;

  • Recommendations - There is no better recommendation than the old fashioned word-of-mouth; personal references by friends, family and Paisley neighbours is the best way forward. People are always willing to recommend someone, just as they are to tell you when to leave a roofing company well alone!
  • Sales pitches – we have all heard them; the ‘too good to be true’ patter that sales people trot out with remarkable ease. Many rouge roofing contractors use the trick of putting in low estimates for roofing repairs but, as you find later on in the project, this estimate is then increased significantly. Depending on the size of your Paisley roofing project, you are better to seek quotations from roofing companies, as opposed to estimates which can vary once the job has started.
  • Door-knockers – again, a favourite trick of rouge roofers who stop by, out of the goodness of their heart to tell you, the homeowner, that they have spotted a problem with your Paisley property roof. Do not hire this person but if you are unsure about your roof, contact a professional and reputable roofing company.
  • “It’s complicated” – roofing repairs, maintenance work or a whole new roof are rarely complex issues and so any roofer who tells you it is complicated or your roof has a particularly awful problem, then steer clear.
  • Urgency – some rogue roofers insist and even try to intimidate customers into making snap decisions; an honest roofing contractor will not attempt to pressure you into making a decision.
  • Quotes – and finally, as with any other building projects or jobs, get three quotations from three different companies but, make sure that you ask the three companies to quote on the same job each time. This makes comparison a little easier – beware of the one that seem far cheaper than the others, and make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the most expensive will be the best quality and most professional. The usual advice is to opt for the middle quotations but the choice is yours.

Getting work done on the roof of your Paisley property need not cause you stress of anxiety. Why not give Alburn Construction & Landscaping a call? With many years roofing repair and maintenance experience, you will be calling a professional, experienced company.

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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping is available for roofing work throughout Paisley, Glasgow and surrounding areas including: Renfrew, Johnstone, Houston, Bridge of Weir, Inchinnan, Bishopton, Elderslie, Hillington, Erskine, Linwood, Quarrier's Village, Kilmacolm, Kilbarchan, Howwood, Clydebank, Old Kilpartick, Bearsden and Milngavie.

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