Roofing Houston

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Houston area.

Roofing Houston

If you are looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in the Houston area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing roofing solutions.

What does the roofing on a Houston property actually do?

It seems a question with an obvious answer but are you sure you know your roof inside and out?

  • Keep interior of property weatherproof

This is the obvious answer, and the one that we would all guess correctly. The roof is your main defence against the weather – and pests too – from getting inside your property. Rain pouring in would make the inside damp, cold and miserable. It also provides shade in the summer.

  • Provides strength to the structure

Not many people realise, however, that the roofing of a Houston property provides strength to the main four walls of the structure. This is why when you see a property being built, that the wooden trusses of the roof are placed on the structure as soon as the walls are built. These trusses in effect hold the outer walls in, stopping them sagging or falling outwards.

The top layer of roofing material will then stop the elements from rotting or compromising the strength of the wooden structure, as well as the strength within the walls.

The problem with the roof…

… it sits for years and years, performing these important tasks time and time again without any problem. But, as soon as there is a chink in the armour of the roof, it doesn’t take long for it to start breaking down. And this is why if you spot a problem with your roof that you have it repaired as quickly as possible – and to a high standard.

Getting the best roofing company in Houston

  • Budget – repairing a roof should be a fairly simple task, so don’t be drawn into thinking that because you are missing a slate that the whole roof needs replacing. Many ‘cowboys’ will attempt to make out that there are other hidden issues that need resolving. Always ask for a comprehensive and detailed quote, do not accept an estimate unless you are confident you are dealing with a reputable company.
  • Ask what the problem is and what the solution is – it may be that there is a problem that s not immediately obvious but you need to know what this is. If you are unsure, you can always ask the next company along for a quote to see if they identify this issue with your roof.

Roofing on a Houston property is not a difficult or complex system to understand. But, you want it to be weather tight and offering the support that it needs to. Spot a problem? Give us a call!

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