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Building Contracts – worth the paper they are written on?

Not everyone when they start their building project think that a contract is necessary. They can be an important part of any build, laying out what the building contractor will do, what is guaranteed, what is not and what happens should things go wrong.

Before you get to the point of building contracts for your Paisley projects or renovations, you need to first make sure you engage the ‘right’ builder.

Building contracts top tip 1: in the UK, including Scotland, there are many accreditations schemes and membership organisations open to builders. Whilst subscribing to one of these will not guarantee a builder as such, they are an indication that the building firm take their industry and customer relations seriously. Considering awarding building contracts to firms to local Paisley companies could have no better a starting place.

Whilst we sit and watch various television programmes, that show us the pitfalls of rogue builders and the resulting legal actions to get money back, ultimately it lies with you, the customer looking to invest hard-earned cash into you build project, to research all the potential building firms you are thinking of engaging. Seems harsh but there are a few things you can do to avoid the pitfalls of ‘cowboy builders’.

Building contracts top tip 2: don’t ignore your initial, gut reaction when you speak to a builder. Do they sound interested in your Paisley building or renovation project, for example?

What should be in building contracts?

Building contracts are a formal agreement between you, the customer and the builder you are engaging to complete part of all of your work on your Paisley property. To get the most out of building contracts you need to make sure each party is aware of;

Costs – what is included, what happens if the project looks like it over-run – financially, you need to be sure who is going to pay and in terms of time, how this will affect the project as a whole. Some building contracts will have a bonus for early completion but, on the flip side, there can also be a penalty for over-running.

Building contracts top tip 3: you can stipulate that the costs are broken down and itemised, if you need this level of detail.

Details – there will also be other details within building contracts that will vary from one Paisley project to another. For example, some customers prefer to supply some materials themselves.

Payment terms – for larger builds or renovations, building contracts will also set out the payment schedule. Clearly, in order for the builder to purchase materials etc. and pay staff, there will need to be a project cash flow. Not sticking to this agreement, failing to make payments on time will stall your own project.

Many building companies have standard building contracts which, before you sign and commit to, should be read thoroughly. Essentially, building contracts set out a formal relationship between customer and building contractor, protecting both parties.

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