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Why Building Contracts for Bishopton Customers are Essential!

You have saved long and hard for the extension on your property (or other building project). It is just about finished when you spot something you don’t like. You have a friendly chat with the builder who tells you that in order for it to be put right, it will cost another wad of cash – money you don’t have.

You were sure you asked for something different but the builder says not. And because you don’t have the money to pay, you have to accept it.

Building contracts for Bishopton customers can stop this from happening. And here’s why;

#1 They outline the project

It doesn’t matter how big or small your project is because a building contract will outline the whole project.

It will show your details, and what the project actually is. It will detail what you want to happen and the final look of the project. It will set out who is responsible for what, such as getting trades people in on time, who is responsible for rubbish removal and when the project will start and finish.

#2 Sets out payment terms

It will set out the projected cost of the project, and the payment schedule. It will also detail how this will be paid, as well as additional information such as who will buy materials and when.

Never pay for a building project in one lump sum, even if it is a small project. Final payment is usually made when the customer is happy that all issues – sometimes known as snagging – have been taken care of.

You cannot withhold payment because you have changed your mind.

#3 Warranties and guarantees

Depending on the project and the builder, there may also be warranties and guarantees for building work carried out, as well as any appliances that are part of the project. The building contract should stipulate what these are, when then start from and how they can be claimed against in case there is a fault or an issue.

#4 Additional info

The building contract can also contain all kinds of information such as health and safety processes whilst on site, as well as what you can do if you have a complaint about the building company. Larger building firms will normally have their own complaint process but smaller firms may be part of associations or organisations that act as an umbrella for them.

Building contracts for Bishopton customers are a necessity. Why not call us to find out more about our building services and contracts?

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