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Why Opt for Formal Building Contracts in Inchinnan?

We have all heard horror stories of when building projects go wrong. What started out as a mutually friendly and cooperative relationship between client and builder, has degenerated into an all-time low.
The client isn’t paying. The builder is not completing the work. Both sides dispute the story of the other.

You might think this will never happen to you. After all, the verbal contract between you and your builder is perfectly clear, and you are both reliable. But, when things do go wrong, people’s recollection of the facts can become a little distorted with important information forgotten.

Don’t take this risk – consider a formal building contract for your building project, whether minor or a big project, a short term or longer term project.

#1 Set out stages of payment

The biggest bugbear for client and builder is when there are issues with payment. On one hand, the customer is told never to hand over the full amount before the job starts, but on the other, the builder needs finances to purchase the initial raw materials.

So who is right? Both are and this is why a building contract can be useful for setting out stages of payment, important in larger projects.

For commercial building contracts in Perth, it will also be stipulated what happens to payments should the project not be finished on time. And in some cases, it will also state how materials are to be published and so on.

#2 Schedule of events

It is important to understand what is happening and when. For smaller projects, it may be as simple as work starts on [date] and is due for completion on [date].

For larger projects, it may take more precise scheduling and timetabling as to when certain events are going to happen, something that can be laid out in a building contract.

#3 The basis for sorting out disputes

From time to time, things do go wrong. There are misunderstandings and issues but, instead of it blowing up into a huge row that needs solicitors to sort out, the building contract provides the basis for sorting out the issue.

It is also a useful tool for some customers who are not always confident in dealing with building firms. Sometimes, as a customer, to keep the builder happy, you may agree to something that you don’t necessarily want. By having a building contract right at the start of the project, you can fall back on that to remind the building team what it is you want.

Avoid hassle with building contracts in Inchinnan and a great building company – like Alburn! Call us for more information today.

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