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Roofing services in Milngavie – 5 questions you need to ask

Roofing services, from repairs to a new roof, is an industry that has not always enjoyed the best of reputation. With less-than-reputable people cold calling vulnerable people, the need for a new roof or finding out exactly what the problem is with your roof is minefield.

Finding a reputable and qualified roofing service in Milngavie is easier when you know the questions to ask AND the answers you need to hear.

#1 Do you have references and/or photos of roofing work completed previously?

Like other trades we rely on to keep our homes in tip top condition, asking them for references and photos of work they have completed previously is a good start in assessing whether the firm can deliver what they say they can, and do.

This works two ways, however. When the roofing company in Milngavie has completed a job for you, give them a reference they can use in the future!

#2 What is the exact problem with the roof? And what are the solutions for repair?

Any reputable roofing company in Milngavie will take a closer look at the roof, either from inside or outside, and provide extensive feedback on what the problem is and what the options for repair are.
Many companies will provide this in the form of a written quotation for the work needed. Be careful when accepting verbal quotes, as you may find the final bill is a lot higher.

#3 Who removes the rubbish etc.?

Many companies provide an excellent service for roofing repairs but may leave the rubbish for you to dispose of. The odd bag of ‘builder’s waste’ may not be a problem to remove, but it may be that you are left with one or two skips of rubbish!

Check what their service includes and if they do not remove waste at the end of the job, consider how you will do so.

#4 Are you insured?

With people working on your property, you need to be confident that they know what they are doing and, should anything go wrong, from one of them being hurt to your property being damaged, that they are fully insured. You do not want to be sued for a personal injury claim, so check their policies and so on.

#5 Do you guarantee your work?

It may be a small repair or a new roof but what you want to know is, if something is not right – the roof leaks, for example – what warranties and guarantees do the company offer. If they say none, proceed with caution…

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