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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Old Kilpatrick area.

Getting the best roofing maintenance and repairs in Old Kirkpatrick

Finding a reputable roofing company is Old Kirkpatrick is not difficult when you follow our guide, simple guide;

Get three comprehensive quotations

Many homeowners worry about being conned out of thousands of pounds, just like the heart breaking stories that surface in the press from time to time. In essence, unless you know what is wrong with your roof, you are placing a certain amount of trust in the roofing contractor who comes to ‘take a look’.
Never settle for just one quote. Always give the company the basic details of what you think the problem is but ask them to provide a detailed breakdown of the problem and the solution for each. A reputable company will be happy to do this but if someone gives you a price that seems at odds with the other quotations you get, you know that something is not right.

Roofs are not necessarily complicated structures but…

… it can take time and materials to repair so expect to see a cost for labour and for the materials that they will use.

If you are unsure, ask!

If there is any aspect of the quotation or the work being carried out that you are unsure if, ask them why the repair is being done this way and so on. Again, reputable roofing company in Old Kirkpatrick will be more than happy to provide you with more detail.

A problem with your roof does not necessarily mean a new one

Many homeowners worry that the cost of repairs will run in to thousands simply because they think that they need a new roof.

The materials used on roofs, from slates to clay tiles are all made and installed on your roof with the test of time in mind. Quite often, the roof can be repaired without replacing it. If the roof trusses are weak and the roof is sagging, however, it may be that roof does need replacing as these trusses, the main support of the roof may need replacing too.

Do not accept door step ‘quotes’ or offers of help

Most people who have been swindled out of money for roof repairs that were not needed are ‘door stepped’. This means that someone purporting to be a roofing expert knocks on their door and tells them there is a really big problem with their roof. People are caught out and end up handing over money for repairs that were not needed.

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