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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Kilmacolm area.

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If you are looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in the Kilmacolm area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing roofing solutions.

Top tips for getting the best roofing advice and service in Kilmacolm

The roof is an integral part of any building. It not only protects you from the weather – rain especially! – it also provides the outer walls of your home or business property with strength and structure.

It performs these functions for days, weeks, months and years on end and then suddenly, as if from nowhere, there is a missing tile, a hole or another kind of problem. This means you need the best roofing advice in Kilmacolm but this is not always easy to find…

How to get the best roofing advice

If you think or know you have a problem with your roof, you need to seek help with it sooner rather than later. A roof, tiled, pitched or otherwise, even when dry, can be slippery underfoot so ‘getting up and having a look’ is not recommended.

But, calling a roofing company can immediately make you feel that you are entering a strange world where cowboys lurk, all waiting to charge you thousands for repairing a small hole or, being told you need to replace the whole roof…

However, following these tips to get the best advice and service:

    • Comprehensive report – before a company does anything, ask them for a comprehensive report on what the problem is and a quotation for repairing it. Just like any other professional service, you should get a minimum of three quotations and three ideas of what is wrong, what needs replacing and so on.
    • New roofs are rarely needed – especially is you only have a loose tile or two. Even small to medium sized holes can be repaired, but this can depend on the type of roofing material. With older roofs, providing the structure is sound, the top layer of tiles or material should be repairable.
    • Fix problems sooner rather than later – problems with roofs do not go away of their own accord. In fact, if there is a hole, it will only get bigger and cause more problems. The more problems that are caused, the more things there are to be fixed.
    • Don’t pay the bill upfront – like other building services, don’t pay more than 50% upfront and only pay the balance if you are confident that the repair has been done to a good standard.
    • Look for an established roofing firm – unfortunately, there are roofing repair firms that open all the time but only last a few months, or they change their name when they start to get complaints about their work. Used an established and reputable roofing firm in Kilmacolm.

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