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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Hillington area.

Roofing Hillington

If you are looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in the Hillington area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing roofing solutions.

Are you looking for roofing services in Hillington?

For many years, roofing companies have not always enjoyed a positive reputation. However, times are changing and now that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights, they are getting the roofing services, maintenance and repairs that they need.

The roof – a simple structure

In the main, the roof is a relatively simple structure. There are pitched roofs and flat roofs too, but regardless of shape or size, a roof does two things:

  • Seal and protect the property against weather
  • Provide strength to the outer walls, especially in the case of pitched roofs or those with an internal structure.

There is an outer layer of material, such as slate tiles. Whichever material is used, it is robust, strong and long-lasting. It will be able to withstand the rigours of all kinds of weather, from deluges of rain to gale force winds.

There are, however, a few things that can go wrong with the roof. In the main, the structure is simple and will not always means that the repair bill will be huge.

What can go wrong with the roof?

The roofing services to Hillington that we offer compromised a whole range of repair and maintenance options for when there are problems with your roof. A new roof is not always needed and the repair bill not always huge:

Weather – the weather plays a large role in how well your roof continues to perform. Homeowners often associated wind with the weather condition that will have the most impact on their roof. In some ways this can be true; wind can lift a tile, causing it to become dislodged.

The sun, however, can also have a marked impact on how well your roof performs. Heat dries out materials and when there are large variations in temperature, it can compromise the roofing material on your Hillington home.

Age – the roof is built to last but, as it ages there can be more problems with it. But again, repairing and maintaining could be the roofing services in Hillington that you need, as opposed to a new roof.
The timbers will provide the strength to the roof can, over time, become weak. This can be age or it may also be as a result of the effects of damp, dry rot, wet rot or even a termite infestation or woodworm.

If the timbers need replacing, the roof will need to be replaced as a whole.

If you have spotted a problem with your roof, and would like advice on the best way to proceed, call for a free quotation today.

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