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Do you have a roofing problem at your Clydebank home?

The roof is the structure that keeps the weather out of your home but it also provides support for the four outer wall of your property. When it is in need of repair homeowners often feel panicked and rush in rash decision, choosing the wrong roofing contractor to repair or replace their roof.

Prevention, as the saying goes, is better than cure thus, keeping an eye on your roof from the outside and the inside can mean you spot problems early – and you will have only a small repair bill!

Look up!

Firstly, we always suggest spending some time every few months looking up at your roof and noting if anything looks different or has changed. For example, if you see moss accumulating on the roof, this can lead to damp inside as the moss soaks up water like a sponge.

It is not an indication there is something wrong with your roof, but finding a roofing contractor in Clydebank who could clean your roof may be a good idea.

After poor or stormy weather

It is the weather than has the biggest impact on the state of your roof, as you would imagine. After gales, storms, heavy rain or even days or weeks of blistering hot weather, we suggest always checking your roof for damage. If you see something and are not sure whether it could lead to a problem or not, call a reputable roofing company in Clydebank, like Alburn.

Check from the inside

If it is safe to do so, clamber into your loft with a torch if you do not have a fixed light and spend some time examining the following;

  • With the light or torch off, spend a few minutes in the dark look throughout the roof space – there should be no daylight seeping in through the tiles or around the edges.
  • With the light or torch on, examine the state of the wooden roof trusses – these are an important component not just in the roof itself but also in stopping the four outer walls from bowing. Check for tell-tale signs of damp along with the small holes left by the tunnelling larvae of woodworm. If you see any of these, don’t delay in getting help.

In the home

If you notice damp appearing on the walls, many people automatically assume that the problem is with the damp proofing membrane but it can be a sign that the roof is leaking. The rain doesn’t have to gush in through a huge hole for it to cause problems with damp.

If you think you may have a problem with your roof, call a local roofing company in Clydebank – call Alburn.

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