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How to choose a reputable roofing Glasgow company!

Arguable one of the most important and essential feature of your home is the roof. Sparing little thought for it in our busy daily lives, when we do have a roofing issue it can be difficult to know who to turn to.
The roofing industry has been beset for many years by the reputation for being unreliable, and a trade full of cowboys and unreliable companies. Times have changed and the industry has cleaned up its act but, without prior knowledge or experience, just how do you go about engaging the services of a reputable roofing company in Glasgow? We have some answers…

Know where they are!

Many companies operate from PO boxes etc. but it is important that you have a clear idea from where they operate. So called ‘fly by night’ companies tend to be transient in nature, in other words, they do not stay on one place for long, moving on as soon as they have made a certain amount of cash. Like many other trades and professions, a reputable Glasgow roofing company will have a premises or warehouse, as well as a brand and logo etc.

One-man band or large company?

There are pros and cons to using either of the above; a large company may be able to respond to your call quicker as they have a large workforce, but you may find they are more expensive. A ‘one man band’ or small roofing company in Glasgow may be able to offer a more competitive quote for the job in hand, but their response times may be slower.

Ask questions

Just like you would of another trade or professional person you are paying to complete a job, ask the person or roofing Glasgow company representative questions about the nature of the problem, how it will be repaired, if they are insured and whether they offer a guarantee of their craftsmanship.

Get recommendations

Friends and relatives will be only too happy to recommend a roofing company in and around Glasgow who has completed work for them and with whom they were happy; on the flip side, they will also be very candid and honest in telling you to steer clear of a company that did a shoddy job.
When it comes to roofing matters there is one thing you must avoid – the door step caller. There are some people who still operate this way. They spot ‘pretend’ issues or problems with the roof of a property and then knock at the door, helpfully informing the homeowner of the problem with their roof. Concerned that this will mean rainwater pouring in through a hole in the roof, people sometimes opt there and then.
Some homeowners in the past have paid out hundreds of pounds for repairs that did not need doing in the first place, but were left with damage that is even more expensive to repair.

And a final note…

… get quotes! Just like other major work on your property, take time to get three quotes from different roofing companies in Glasgow. This way you get the best deal by the best company.

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