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Looking for roofing repairs in Bearsden?

The five factors you need to bear in mind when looking for a reputable and local roofing company in Bearsden.


It is important to check what insurance a roofing company has. Although you are engaging them to work on your property, there have been cases where trades people have sued the property owner for personal injury claims after being hurt.

Most reputable trades people are covered with public liability insurance but it is a prudent move on your part to check the terms and conditions of your home insurance too.

Guarantees and warranties

Warranties apply to any products used and a guarantee is usually offered on the work carried out by someone.

In most cases, a reputable roofing company in Bearsden will guarantee their work and, in some cases depending on the nature of the work they complete, will offer a warranty on certain products that they use (this is simply passed on from the manufacturer).

Avoid companies or trades people that offer no guarantee of their work. If something is not right, you may face another bill to have their work put right.

Waste removal etc.

A common issue with building work and so on, is the removal of the waste and rubbish once the job is complete.

Some homeowners have been wowed by the work completed but not so by the tons of rubbles and rubbish left behind. Always check who is responsible for removing the rubbish – if it is you, how will you do it.

What is the problem with my roof? And what are the solutions for repair?

Before a company starts work on a roofing problem, you want to know exactly what the problem is. A reputable roofing company in Bearsden will thoroughly check what the problem is and advise you on the solutions.

Do NOT allow a company to start work without knowing exactly what the problem is and do NOT accept the ‘we won’t know until we’ve been up there’ – both are possible means for less reputable companies to charge for things that are non-existent.


Many companies will want you to know how reliable and trustworthy they are. As well as online reviews on their website and independent sites, many companies will also show you work they have completed.

Previous customers are also happy for people to drive-by their property so that you can see the work they have completed. If the company suggest this, take them up on this offer.

If you are looking for high quality, competitively priced roofing repairs in Bearsden, call us today.

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