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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Renfrew area.

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If you are looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in the Renfrew area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing roofing solutions.

How to choose a roofing contractor in Renfrew

Your roof is an important part of your home and as such, when it is damaged or need works doing on it, we need a reliable and reputable roofing company.

However, roofing contractors have not always enjoyed a favourable reputation mainly because less scrupulous people have masqueraded as professional roofing contractors only to perform shoddy repairs – not that they were needed in the first place in most cases.

So how can you ensure you get the roofing repairs on your Renfrew home that you need?

#1 Employ a local roofing contractor

In terms of price, opting for local Renfrew based roofing contractors will be favourable. This also has another benefit in that you can ask for references of work they have already carried out and pop along and see the finish result too, if you want. Local contractors also tend to be well known so are less likely to offer shoddy repairs or work.

#2 Stick with roofing specialists

There are plenty of general building firms and contractors in the area which is all well and good but by choosing a specialist roofing contractor, you are buying in a specific set of skills to seal with a specific area of your property. You wouldn’t hire an electrician for plumbing work would you?

#3 Three quotes

The old sayings are the best and there is no denying that getting three quotes from three different roofing contractors will help you choose the right people for the job. However, make sure that you ask them all to quote on the same piece of work so it makes it easy to compare their quotations and prices.

#4 Check what is included in the quote

You may accept a quotation only to find the final bill is much higher, simply because essential things such as scaffolding and so on were not included in the quote. Check with the contractor what is and what is not included in the quotation.

#5 Get recommendations and references

Finally, there is no substitute for asking previous customers what they thought of the company, their service and their work. People are only too happy to make recommendations, happy that you have trusted them for their opinion and more than happy to pass on details of people that they think are worthy trades people.

The roof is not an overly complex structure but, get it wrong, and a small repair can become a larger and more expensive issue to deal with. Why not call us?

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