Driveways Glasgow

Driveways Glasgow

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Glasgow area.

Driveways – no longer Neglected at Glasgow Properties!

If you are looking to create a functional, yet decorative master piece at your Glasgow property then you will need to bear in mind several factors. In this article on creating the best driveways for all Glasgow customers, we bring 3 main ingredients to consider when creating the recipe for your driveway:

Number of vehicles and size

The problem with many Glasgow driveways is that they are too small in the width measurement to comfortably accommodate the modern family car. Average sized vehicles in order to be able ti use the drive, and for you to enter and exit your vehicle comfortably need at least 10 feet in width. Larger vehicles will need considerably more room.

The size of your driveway will also depend on how many vehicles you intend keeping on the driveway; clearly, if you have several cars you may be looking at something akin to the size of a car park. The other factor that affects size of driveways at Glasgow properties, is the location of the garage. On one hand, you could have a fair few metres of driveway but for others, it may be a car length and no more.

Think Safety!

We all know the issues of reversing or pulling out into busy roads and so, if your driveway does run straight onto a busy highway, then the shape of your drive is important. You may have the room to incorporate a ‘turn around’ section but you may be able to create a T shape drive which will see you able to at least turn your vehicle round in relative safety.

Shaped driveways at Glasgow properties can also add some interest and with the variety of materials and patterns that can now be used, the possibilities seem almost endless.

The Material

And finally, what you use to create your driveway is essential in making sure that once built, it can withstand everything that is thrown at it, from vehicles to weather. The guiding principle in most customer choices is the budget; if money is tight, some materials may be ruled out.

Overall, when choosing the right material, you need to consider how the finished drive will look against the visual appeal of your property, with so many materials on the market now too, this is not a hard thing to do:

  • Asphalt – a common choice as it is plain, suiting many properties, economical and fairly durable
  • Patio type paving – now available in various sizes and textures, it is a material that will create an appealing driveway
  • Concrete – once grey and plain, this material can now have a pigment added to colour it, with the final layer receiving a textured stamp to make it look like another material. Incredible durable and robust, many concrete driveways exists across Glasgow.

What material would you use for your perfect driveway?

We also provide a patio service to Glasgow. We work across Glasgow: east, north, south and west.

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