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Perfect Patios – what every Glasgow customer needs to know!

As we sit inside our cosy homes, watching the rain and wind lash at the window, watch the forecast predicting more winter weather and the balminess of summer seems long ago, it seems a ludicrous idea to think of installing patios. But now is the perfect time to consider what would make the perfect patio for your Glasgow home.

Most Glasgow customers think about materials for their patios first but, before you get to that stage, there are a few other things that you need to consider first…


Take a look at your garden and decide where the best place is for the patio to sit but you may also need to consider what you intend using the patio first. For example, if you think the majority of its use will be dining – both the family and with friends – it makes sense to have the patio closer to your house. But, if your plan is for the patio to serve as a sun trap, you’ll need to identify the best spot for it – in the sun!


Just watching how the sun plays on your garden is just one aspect of making sure patios are in the perfect spots in Glasgow gardens. But, you also need to think about other climatic elements; you know your garden best but did you know the surrounding landscape can also add to how certain weather conditions affect your garden? For example, gardens in built up areas may not always blessed with a cooling breeze.

What about the view?

Of course, some Glasgow patios will be blessed with a delightful view and it makes sense to locate your patio where you can appreciate this view on a frequent basis. However, some people find that being overlooked is an issue but, you will be pleased to know that this can be overcome with some trellising, climbing plants as well as the use of something such as pergola.

Working in harmony with your garden

Many Glasgow customers do not want patios to be the sole focus of the garden, rather blending in with their garden. However, you will need to ensure that some of this landscape does not cause an issue with your patio – large trees have large root systems; with their constant growth you may find parts of your patio damaged in years to come.

All you need to do now is…

… design you patio! Your patio can be any shapes and you can also use a variety of materials to give unique patios for Glasgow properties. How will you design your patio?

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