Driveways Glasgow West-End

Driveways Glasgow West-End

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Glasgow West-End area.

Accessorising driveways at Glasgow West-End properties – make your driveway glamourous!

Not many people would think of accessorising their driveway simply because up until now, it has been an essential and functional feature of many properties. And, like all functional things, would be bland and rather dull.

However, the driveway has undergone a transformation. No longer is it dull, bland and boring, akin to a runway. It is functional, but with a twist of elegance. Driveways at Glasgow West-End properties have gone designer and here’s how yours can be accessorised and beautified too:

Add lighting – lights are not just for security although this is their main aim in many cases. They can really add a delicious soft glow to a driveway perfect if the drive had been planted and landscaped to look delightful and picturesque. Forget the floor light type approach and instead opt for a soft glow with inlaid lighting in walls, stairs and in the driveway itself.

Worried by energy costs? Don’t be. There are some amazing systems that run via solar panels, negating the need for any kind of mains electricity. A large powerful battery converts the solar energy into useable electricity, storing it until it is needed in the evening and night time. Sophisticated panels now means that more energy is harvested during the day, more than enough to run the lighting system for the night.

Add colour – this doesn’t mean painting everything in sight in primary colours but adding:

  • Coloured plant pots – there are all kinds of brightly coloured plant pots that look great when planted up. Any colour goes but unless you are going for the children’s nursery look, choose two colours, and use a third colour sparingly as an accent colour.

TOP TIP – when working with objects use them in odd numbers, and cluster the together for maximum effect. Use three planters together, of three varying sizes for the right look.
Black is a great colour for showing off the green of foliage, and with the off accent colour here and they can really make a difference to driveways at Glasgow West-End properties.

  • Plants – the quickest way to add colour is to get some bright foliage and colourful flowers planted in pots or in borders. But the driveway is going green in other ways too. Many people looking for something different are opting for green driveways at their Glasgow West-End home. Planting the actual driveway itself with hardy alpine plants is becoming all the rage.

Would like something different for your drive? Why not take a look at the accessorised driveways at Glasgow West-End properties with us?

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