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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the West-End of Glasgow area.

Have your really thought about the appeal and functionality of driveways at West End of Glasgow properties?

Think of something functional… do you admire its beauty? Or do you simply use it as and when needed, and then think nothing more of it until you need to use it the next time? In most cases, something that is eminently functional is only really noticed when it stops doing its job effectively.

And this is certainly true of driveways at West End of Glasgow properties.

How does your driveway look NOW?

Take a moment to consider your driveway – is it ‘listing’? Are there ‘potholes’ or dips? Does it collect rainwater on its surface? Can you see when you leave your vehicle when parking at night time or at dusk?

Ask yourself this: is your driveway as it is, really functional?
If you answer no to this question, then now is the time to take a look at all the driveways across the West End of Glasgow to seek inspiration! It is possible for something that is truly functional to have true beauty…

  • The material - driveways at West End of Glasgow properties are all constructed from a variety of different materials, to essentially give them an appeal and appearance that sits well with the property.
  • Functionality – the whole point of investing in a new driveway is that it offers the highest degree of functionality for you; in other words, you need to be confident about what you use your driveway for; do you need turning space? How many vehicles will be parked on it etc?
  • Size – some people opt to have the whole front garden made into their driveway but other homeowners do prefer leaving some planting and greenery. The decision is entirely yours; both can be made to look decorative and appealing. However bear in mind the current need for driveways at West End of Glasgow properties to be permeable to allow effective drainage; shrubs and clever planting can help with the drainage issue.
  • Environmentally green - driveways at West End of Glasgow properties also need to meet ‘new’ guidelines that became operational in 2009. Knowing that drainage is a key issue, allowing all the water run off to enter the main drains is now not an option, unless you seek planning permission. With so many permeable materials and clever designs, you will not notice any difference in the sturdiness and robustness of your new driveway, but you will notice less water hanging around!
  • Accessorise – planting is one thing but making sure you have clever lighting is another! The ability to be able to use your driveway does not just extend to daylight hours; you need to be able to use it safely at night time too. Lights also add extra security.

How will your new driveway look? What materials will you use?

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