Artificial Grass Paisley

Artificial Grass Paisley

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide an artificial grass service to the Paisley area.

Artificial Grass Company Paisley

If you are looking for an artificial grass company in the Paisley area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing artificial grass services.

Artificial grass for your Paisley pad – the RIGHT choice?

Who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a lush, green lawn? As we stand and admire it, we often ask ourselves why our own lawn or grassed area does not look as good as this.


The answer is simple – to have a lush, green lawn all year round takes all year round maintenance. Grass has a shallow root system and so, as soon as the summer arrives and water is not so abundant, it will start to shrivel from thirst within days – hence, you need to water it.

In winter, it quickly becomes waterlogged, with its shallow root systems damaged by walking on it. In the spring, it will take energy and effort to re-establish the lawn.

And so, for these very reasons, artificial grass at Paisley homes and businesses could become an increasingly common sight…



Versatile application – there is virtually nowhere that artificial grass cannot be put. It is commonly seen in sporting applications but has been common place in garden in hotter climes for many years.

It will look like a pitch – many people are ‘put off’ artificial lawns because they think it will look too much likes a sports field. However, clever planting around any edges, will create a far softer feel.

Different products – technology has advanced meaning that different shades of the same product can be used in different areas to give a more ‘realistic’ look.

Do not like the look or feel – many people simply do not like the look or feel of imitation or synthetic grass, preferring natural grass.

Maintenance is minimal – apart from the odd sweep to remove debris and other detritus, it can even be washed to keep it looking green and lush!

Even though it is more cost-effective than other materials to install, there is a cost to having artificial grass laid correctly. And, like most things, if it is not done correctly the first time by a knowledgeable, professional company you may have to pay to get it rectified. Choose wisely!

Artificial grass dries quicker after rain than natural grass and it not damaged by heavy footfall, especially during the winter months.

Discourage wildlife – some people are not happy at having an artificial product in their garden, believing that the creation of an artificial lawn may discourage birds and insects from visiting. However, if this is a concern, there are many activities and equipment you can invest in to create a haven for wildlife.

Maintains its colour, no matter what the weather!


The final choice as to whether artificial grass at your Paisley home is right or not is entirely yours but we know you won’t be disappointed with the final look…

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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping is available for artificial grass work throughout Paisley, Glasgow and surrounding areas including: Renfrew, Johnstone, Houston, Bridge of Weir, Inchinnan, Bishopton, Elderslie, Hillington, Erskine, Linwood, Quarrier's Village, Kilmacolm, Kilbarchan and Howwood.

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