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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a home extensions service to the Glasgow area.

House extensions at your Glasgow property – what do you need to consider?

If we all had unlimited money, land and time, we would all probably opt for the very best house extension for our Glasgow pad that could possibly be designed but, unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Hence working to a budget, as well as a limited amount of floor space, means that we need to taper these heady dreams but, with the right advice, clever design and a great building company you can get the right house extension for your Glasgow property.

It is possible to get the right addition to your property, but how? Keep the following factors in mind as you create this important additional space…

Design & planning

An important consideration is making sure your extension ‘fits’ your property, achieved through small design tricks such as matching windows and the lines of the roof etc. Likewise, any prominent features on the main house could be replicated on a smaller scale on the extension, giving an air of continuation between the main house and the extension. The aim is not to try and subsume the new completely into the old, but have a sympathetic nod to the design of the main house.

Architect input

No matter how large or small proposes house extension are for Glasgow properties, hiring the professional services and creative eye of an architect could pay dividends. They can advise you on what is feasible and what isn’t and, they can also make the very best use of the space too. For an additional fee, they will also oversee the whole project, ensuring it meets your exact specifications.

The neighbours

As part of the design and planning process, and in a sympathetic nod to your neighbours who will also live through the construction, you will need to involve them in the planning of the project, simply because any grievances they air at the planning permission stage could the factor that stops it from going ahead. Maintain and nurturing good relations with neighbours may not guarantee their support but it goes a long way on many house extensions in Glasgow being built!

Planning permission and warrants

But, house extensions at any Glasgow property all rest on the success of your planning permissions and building warrants. Without these, extensions cannot be legally built and, if you choose to ignore the planning rules and regulations, you could face having to take the structure down.

Architects can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to getting planning permission passed, especially if you are looking to create an extension that pushes the boundaries of planning so to speak.

House extensions for many Glasgow properties is a great way of not only adding much needed extra living space but to also add value to a property. Take some time to get it right!

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