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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a commercial and garden fencing service to the Glasgow area.

How to choose the very best in garden fencing for you Glasgow home

There are two important reasons why having fencing at your Glasgow property is important – visual appeal and security. But choosing the right fencing can be a nightmare, with so many options of materials and styles.

We have some answers here for you, read on…

Wooden fencing for your Glasgow property might be the way forward, adding both charm and appeal; but even if you decide on the material, what style will you opt for?

  • Panels – cost effective and affordable for the majority of homeowners, these panels simply drop into specialist posts that hold them in place. As a solid design, they provide a high level of privacy as well as being a difficult obstacle to climb of leap over, especially the taller panels. BUT, on the negative side, these panels can sometimes fall victim to harsh weather, such as wind. If your budget can cope with it, there are some heavier, sturdier panels on the market that are more robust in the vigour of weather.
  • Picket fencing – if, however, you want to mark your boundary with fencing at your Glasgow property, and are looking for a cost effective way to do this, picket fencing is one option. They offer little resistance in terms of physically accessing your land or property, but research shows that the psychological barrier of a fence can work in some cases.

There are many other styles of wooden fencing to choose from for your Glasgow property but, any wood fence, regardless of style, will need maintaining.

If regular maintenance is not your thing, then metal fencing might be the option for you.

Metal fencing offer a stark contrast to wooden panels and the like, simply because the material is far stronger and robust that wood. Those homeowners looking for a high level of security, without compromising on style, often choose metal fencing for their Glasgow home.

Available in so many styles and designs, including an opportunity to design your own bespoke fencing if you budget can shoulder it, metal fencing is the choice of many customers. However, there is no hiding the fact that the cost of metal fencing is, in some cases, prohibitive. The cost of the raw material involved has increased greatly in recent years, hence the price of metal fencing has increased too. There is no doubting, however, that investing in metal fencing is to invest in a long term product that will stay standing strong and robust, with minimal maintenance for decades!

What will drive your choice of fencing for your Glasgow property?

You may want increase security or you may want to mark the boundary clearly; likewise, you may also decide that the important factor in your choice of material and style of fencing for your Glasgow property depends entirely on the era and style of your property.

How will you make your decision?

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