Driveways Strathblane

Driveways Strathblane

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Strathblane area.

Functional and appealing – how driveways at Strathblane properties are created

The drive is an important addition to many a property. Offering save and secure parking for your vehicle, it can also be a place that you can safely manoeuvre your vehicle without needing to reverse into the main road and so on. Not only are these against the Highway Code in many instances, but it can also present you with several difficulties too.

It is no surprise then that many people in an effort to increase security, as well as visual appeal for their property invest in a driveway.

Is it a job I can do myself?

In some instances, people feel they have the time and ability to be able to create their own driveway. They also feel that the portion of land they are working with is small enough for them to be able to make a hard standing driveway.

Problems occur when the driveway is bigger and they have chosen to use certain kinds of material. It is important too, for example, to ensure that the foundation are correct. If they are not compressed properly, they will be liable to movements and so on. Eventually, this will spoil the top layer and your driveway could soon develop ‘pot holes’ and so on.

What about drainage?

Drainage on hard standing driveways at Strathblane properties is important. Without adequate drainage, the driveway can ‘move’, it can cause problems with the property and the run off into the sewers can cause issues with localised flooding.

In an effort to combat these issues, driveways should now be permeable. In effect, this means that water should be able to seep through the material and subsequent layers of foundation and into the main water table below.

Can I add lighting?

Yes, lighting can be added and no longer is mains power the only option. Solar energy has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with the sophistication of panels being such that they can now generate a huge amount of power.

There are also all kinds of lighting styles that the homeowner can opt for, from statuesque lamps reminiscent of street lamps of old, or the more modern, sunken lights. You can also opt to have these lights on for a few hours, or opt for sensor driven lighting that lights up the driveway when it detects movement.

Do I need planning permission?

In the main no but, this depends on the materials being used, how big the driveway will be and so on. It is a wise and prudent move to check for local planning restrictions but when it comes to driveways at Strathblane properties, it is also worth contacting the driveway professionals too.

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