Driveways Renfrew

Driveways Renfrew

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Renfrew area.

Thinking of decking for your Renfrew garden?

When some says the word decking, what do you think of? A wooden decked area, attached to a property, a place to sit and relax.

You wouldn’t be far wrong as this is what many customers opt for but, with a little imagination and a skilled build team, you have an amazing decked area!

Decking for your Renfrew property is incredible versatile and flexible when it comes to style, design and where you decide to locate it.

Many customers find that decking adds much needed flat, useable space to their garden, especially if the garden is uneven, with large drops or unusable space.

Decking materials

Many Renfrew customers opt for wooden decking, a traditional material that can be used in all gardens as it fits with most house styles etc. However, wooden decking does need to be looked after; maintenance including staining and or painting on a regular basis to keep the wood decking weather proof, as well as resistant to rain. It can also be slippery during wet weather and can also have moss etc cover it in shaded areas, making it slippery under foot. But, there is no doubting the appeal of wooden decking in any Renfrew garden.

Composite materials are becoming popular as it offers the finish, look and feel of wood but can be slightly cheaper. This material is also eco-friendly as it is made from waste off-cuts of wood and is combined with sawdust, pulp and other wood waste. Again, this takes some looking after but has the same durable, robust properties as wooden decking. A great choice for your Renfrew garden!

Plastic decking is the new kid on the block, slowly increasing in popularity. The main advantage of plastic decking over wood for Renfrew customers is the fact it does not split, warp or crack as wood can do. This is because plastic is a manufactured product as opposed to a living product such as wood (or even composite material). Some brands of plastic decking also use recycled plastic in its manufacture too.

Design is also important. Consider in which part of your Renfrew garden you intend on having your decking built. Small, ground level decking will be great in a small garden but you can also push the boundary of design – have you considered integral seating, for example, with storage under the seating area?

Don’t forget too when planning your budget that depending on the complexity of the underlying structure. If your decking is to be built over undulating ground in your Renfrew garden, you will need to factor into the cost the price of the structure that will hold it up.

Alburn Construction & Landscaping have extensive experience of building great decking for many customers in and around Renfrew, as well as across Scotland.

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