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Driveways for Quarriers Village properties – consider porous materials

More than ever, we are being told that our responsibility to the environment stems beyond recycling plastic, paper and glass once a week with kerbside collections.

The choices we make now – including those we may have made in the past – affect the environment and so we need to consider this ‘green and eco-friendly’ factor in our decision making. And considering materials for driveways for Quarriers Village properties is no different.

Porous Vs. Non-porous

There is increasing pressure to look at porous materials for driveways for Quarriers Village properties as the issue of water is fast becoming an issue related to the environment.

Some areas just don’t have enough – some areas of the UK face long term issues with shortages of water and, some environmental experts and campaigners say, this is directly linked to the trend for concreting over front garden and other areas for parking. Water is thought to be forced into the sewers rather than being allowed to filter through the ground, hence water tables in some areas are low. However, this theory is still being debated…

Some area have too much – and again, in some area of the UK and Scotland can, at some point have too much water! Known as localised flooding, this is when the rate of the downpour of rain outstrips the rate at which water can effectively filter or run off the land. Again, this debate is hotly contested.

Whichever side you fall on, driveways for Quarriers Village properties can lend a hand with the issue of rain run-off and so, people are being encouraged to look at materials that are porous – in other words, let rain water filter through the material and soak away underground.

Porous materials

GRAVEL is surely the most well-known porous material for driveways for Quarriers Village properties; rainwater will seep through the top layer of gravel and through the two layers and weed barrier underneath. However, not all driveways are suitable for gravel, for example, those with a steep gradient.  
PERMEABLE PAVERS is another favoured option is the use of solid materials but creating driveways for Quarriers Village properties that include gaps between the pavers that allow rainwater to disperse and filter in to the ground. These can be off-set in any pattern from the twin-track approach to a larger driveway with block of low-lying foliage to aid absorption of water.
THE GREENEST OPTION is to create a driveway without the use of a solid material surface, but have well-placed stepping stones amongst hardy grasses and plants that allows rainwater to effectively filter in to the ground… but, without proper construction, this can soon turn in to a mud-bath!

Driveways at Quarriers Village properties are important; they are a place, in many cases, to not just park the car but for children to play safely; which material would you choose?

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