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“Lights! Gates! Plants!” - How accessorising driveways at Port Glasgow properties can transform them from functional to architectural delight

Like many aspects of our homes, we want functionality teamed with something looking good. Just because we need to use some aspect of it on a daily basis – or even several times a day – does not mean it cannot look fabulous.

And driveways at Port Glasgow properties is one of those aspects that can be accessorised to stop it looking boring functional and lights, gates and plants are just 3 additions you can make to give your drive kerb appeal…


Lights can be more than accessory; they can be a much needed additional security measure that many driveways at Port Glasgow properties instantly benefit from. But, if the thought of your electricity bill going even higher now that driveway lights are to be powered, then why not take a look at a stand-alone lighting system powered by solar energy?

Many people still assume that solar powered outdoor lights will be the dimly lit bulbs that were common when solar powered lighting first started to become popular all those years ago.
But, the sophistication of the solar panels have become ever greater, and now these panels are more efficient at collecting solar energy, even on very overcast, dull days.

They can also be set so that the lights only flicker in to action when they detect that something has broken a beam. Lights, overall, are a great way of illuminating driveways, making them far safer places during dark hours.


Driveways at many a Port Glasgow home or business are about increasing safety both for you are the driver using your vehicle, and the vehicle itself. A car parked securely on a driveway is less likely to be damaged, vandalised and stolen in some case.

But what can make all these things even more difficult are gates; adding gates, and noting to the passing opportunistic thief your boundary and limits, go a long way in putting people off from making the effort of stealing or vandalising your car.

Not only this, after spending all that time and money on creating a superb driveway, why not finish the job with some delightful gates that perfectly compliment the driveway and your property?


In our pursuit of functionality, we sometimes forget to not only soften the edge, but also just how beneficial plants are to making somewhere look a lot less formal, or angular or square. Planting in driveways at Port Glasgow homes and businesses are also a great way of adding to the draining ability of it too; in other words, rainwater sitting on the surface of the driveway is not too much of a problem!

Driveways at Port Glasgow properties should complement their surroundings, not be lost in them or over power the area either. How would you accessorise yours?

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