Driveways Old Kilpatrick

Driveways Old Kilpatrick

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Old Kilpatrick area.

Creating beautiful driveways at Old Kilpatrick properties – how will yours look?

Functional, and yet beautiful… is that how you would describe the current driveway at your home? Or, would it be more that it is pot-holed, subsided and full of weeds?

The driveway can often be the last project on a long list of home improvements and thus, when you finally get the time, energy and money to do it, you want it to be the best that it can.

But what elements are included in creating beautiful driveways that complement Old Kilpatrick homes?

  • The top layer – in terms of visual appeal, this is the most important aspect of your driveway. The top layer of material is the one you will see each and every day as you leave and enter your home. It will lift the exterior of your property from dull to delightful.
  • The budget – this has to rank as a near-to-the-top factor as invariably it is the biggest influence in determining everything about the driveway from the top layer to its size, and what accessories, if any, are included. Set your budget and stick to it, and don’t compromise or cut corners on the major aspects of create a drive that will last the test of time…
  • The foundations - … and when we say this, we mean the hidden layers that hold everything in place. When money is tight when it comes to building driveways for Old Kilpatrick homes, it can be tempting to leave out a layer or two of the foundation work. After all, it’s not that important, is it?! But it is. Without the correct compressed layers of aggregate and sand, your driveway could twist, slip and sink within weeks of being completed.
  • Drainage – the biggest factor in driveways lasting the test of time and weather at Old Kilpatrick properties is the drainage. If the rain has nowhere to go, it will pool on the top layer of your drive and just sit there, slowly eroding it… driveways also now need to be permeable so that as much of this rainwater as possible seeps in to the ground and is not lost in the drains.
  • The lighting – and so, now that you have opted for a new driveway, you need to be aware that in some instances, it can be a big pit that is dug to lay the robust foundation needed and maybe, taking the opportunity to add cabling for fabulous lights is the way forward…?

Driveways at Old Kilpatrick properties should add appeal and beauty, not detract from the main property. How will you create yours?

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