Driveways Milngavie

Driveways Milngavie

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Milngavie area.

Building driveways to perfection for Milngavie customers

Your home is a long term investment and, you will complete various improvements and additions that all have one aim: increasing value. The driveway can be one aspect that could add value to both the monetary appeal of the property, and the way it looks – but only if it is designed well and built to a high standard.

What do you need to consider when designing and building driveways at Milngavie properties?

  • Functionality of design – some people opt to use the whole of their front garden to form the driveway but some people prefer to leave a small patch of garden or border so that they can add colour throughout the year. There are no hard and fast rules but in built up areas, being able to park off road is a real plus when it comes to adding value to a property.
  • The foundations – many people assume that for driveways at Milngavie to be usable, all they need to do is lift the top layer of earth, and throw down another layer or lay some flags. But, this is not the way to create driveways that will last the test of time; the weight and movement of vehicles moving on and off the driveway, along with the weather – in particular rain – will mean that it slips, moves and undulates – leaving you with a bumpy, potholed driveway, not the look that you were aiming for when you started the project.
  • Drainage – the issue of drainage is important when it comes to driveways at Milngavie properties, as well as across towns, cities and villages. Planning permission is not normally required for driveways unless, you are creating a new one with may require the pavement edge to be lowered. Modern-day driveways must be environmentally friendly in that rainwater must be able to soak through the layers of material to help prevent localised flooding.
  • Aesthetic appeal – a well-constructed driveway can make a real difference to a property. Choosing the right top layer of material can mean that it fits with the overall appeal of your home. There are few restrictions of what you can choose but, any choices will need to fit your budget!

Driveways at Milngavie homes can be a worthwhile addition that can last the test of time, provide safe and secure parking for you vehicles. How will yours look?

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