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Driveways Linwood

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Linwood area.

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Take a whole new, fresh look at driveways for Linwood homes

Flooding is a major problem in various parts of Scotland and with agencies such as the Environment Agency, the Royal Horticultural Society and others predicting that the effects of flooding will start to bite harder, we are all being encouraged to take an active part is reducing our effect on the natural environment.

Driveways may not be the tool that would naturally come to the front of your mind. But, if you are looking to re-design your driveway, laying new material as the platform, then you may want to consider the environmentally friendly options…

The Royal Horticultural Society has identified green material that they are encouraging homeowners and business owners to look at as serious contenders for driveway materials; a ‘green’ driveway does not promote rain runoff in the sense that the water runs away down a street or manhole, but that the rain has an ability to soak in to the ground, following a more natural course:

Loose gravel

The good news with gravel is that it is the simplest material with which to work and, to a certain extent, the easiest driveways to constructs for Linwood properties.

There are pros and cons with gravel, however; it is not suitable for sloping driveways, for example, and with heavy rain, and it can scatter or form ‘waves’. Neither is it the maintenance free option with weeding and general maintenance needed.

However, in terms of if green credentials, gravel driveways at Linwood properties are great news: the rain can soak into the ground, rather than running off and for those who are green-fingered, plants and shrubs will enjoy the root protection gravel affords them.

Wheel tracks

You will have seen these types of driveways across the country and in many cases, are not, in many case there by design – they occur by ‘default’ as vehicle drive up and down! However, in terms of green credentials, a strip of grass or other hardy plants, with wheel tracks on either side are incredibly green as it is a driveway that allows rainwater to seep in to the ground.

Again, there are pros and cons; you will need some help, possibly, in creating wheel tracks that allow vehicle to pass without causing huge ruts and not many families are happy with the ‘mud’ element, especially when the winter weather sets in. And, if you are not a maintenance inspired person, you may find that this type of driveway quickly begins to look untidy.

There are other options too for green driveways at Linwood properties; why not call us for further information?

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