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Driveways Kilmacolm

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How to keep your new concrete driveway looking great!

Investing in a great concrete driveway is only part of the solution to creating a functional and versatile driveway to your Kilmalcolm property – to get the very best from it, you need to look after it! But how do you do that? Find out here…

Remove stains as soon as you can!

Despite being robust, the strength of concrete can be compromised over time by the failure to clean up spillages, such as oil and other ‘corrosive’ type fluids or materials. Rather than leaving this too late – stubborn long term stains may need the use of chemicals, again something that Kilmalcolm with concrete driveways should avoid – use a power washer to lift these marks and stains.
We also suggest power washing a drive before re-sealing the driveway too!

Repairing cracks – as soon as they appear!

Again, cracks mean that the strength and structure of concrete is being compromised – in this case, by rainwater. These fractures in concrete driveways at Kilmalcolm mean that rainwater can filter, affecting the foundation on which it sits. Soil and other debris can also clog these fractures; eventually, the driveway will shift and sink, creating an uneven drive.

Seal it regularly!

Prevention, as they say, if better than cure and to help keep cracking and staining at bay it is a wise move to re-seal concrete driveways at Kilmalcolm every 2 to 3 years. New driveways should have their first sealing treatment within 6 months of being laid. This sealing process is a way of reducing wear and tear, as well as corrosion on the surface of the material.

Keeping in clean!

Concrete driveways at Kilmalcolm also benefit from being kept generally clean, such as being kept free of moss and other small plants or weeds that can take hold in the small crevices. Not only does this cause damage to the sealant, it also makes the driveway unsightly – a clean and well-constructed driveways can add considerable kerb-appeal to a property!

Do not use de-icer!

In winter, the harshness of ice and snow can play havoc with the exterior of our properties with many people opting for the apparent ease of using chemicals and solutions such as de-icer to make their drive less slippery. However, these chemicals can be corrosive in themselves and so to preserve the look and structural integrity of concrete driveways at Kilmalcolm, old-fashioned elbow grease is the best answer!

Concrete driveways are functional and robust, lasting for years if you take time to look after them!

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