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Thinking of a gravel driveway? 5 pitfalls to avoid…

Gravel is a sought after material for many Kilbarchan driveways and it is easy to see why – it has a great look to it, it visually fits with most properties making the driveway something to marvel at and also gives the satisfying crunch of gravel underfoot or tyre – the sound of opulence if ever there was one.

Many Kilbarchan customers looking to create new or revitalise existing driveways opt for gravel for these reasons and the fact that in terms of cost, it is easier on the budget than many other materials. It is also easy to use and work with but, for this reasons many people under estimate the work involved in creating a brilliant and long lasting driveway…

Pitfall 1 – not preparing the driveway bed correctly

Many people are under the impression that all you need to do in creating such a driveway, is scatter a few tons of gravel – wrong! Just like other materials, gravel needs a firm bed hence, the top soil must be removed so that the under layers of firmness are revealed.

Pitfall 2 – poor drainage

Again, many customers assume that gravel driveways at their Kilbarchan will have all the drainage needed but unless the under layer on which the gravel sits is not levelled, ‘pot holes’ will form, with the silt from the stones etc. collecting and pooling. This causes a loss of friction between the stones and the result is a heap of pebbles or gravel, arranged on a boggy driveway!

Pitfall 3 – Edging

If you do not have a natural or boundary edge, such as a wall, you may find that not preparing the edges or creating one with wooden planks, for example, will mean that your gravel driveway will be squeezed. This means that the product in the middle of the drive will push out against the outer edges, with your gravel ‘seeping’ into the next door property or onto the road etc.

Pitfall 4 – using the wrong gravel

Kilbarchan gravel driveways look effortlessly classic and beautiful but again, many people make the mistake of using the wrong sized gravel as a base layer. The base layer gravel should be pieces between 3 to 4inches, and angular or rough edged in shape. This means they will ‘stick’ together, preventing them from sinking as cars and other vehicles (if any) drove over the driveway. There is usually a middle layer added, with the top layer being the smaller, rounded ‘pebble’ like stones, no larger than a golf ball. The total thickness of your driveway should be around 12 inches.

Pitfall 5 – compacting every layer

And finally, another common mistake that gravel driveways at Kilbarchan properties can sometimes exhibit signs of, is the non-compacting of the layers involved in creating a superb drive. A good rule of thumb is to remember that the larger pieces of gravel are on the base, with each successive layer being smaller in size BUT ensure that each layer in compacted – in other words, squeezing the air and space out between each stone so that they adhere together to withstand the weight placed on them.

Gravel driveways at Kilbarchan look stunning – and can last for many years when constructed correctly, using the right techniques and materials.

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