Driveways Johnstone

Driveways Johnstone

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Johnstone area.

Driveways – So many Material Choices! Which is Best For You?

When investing in a ‘new’ driveway, you want it to be attractive yet durable and robust.

You need to take into account the budget you have for the work and material, as well as bearing mind factors such as the climate of where you live. Some materials stand up to rigours of extreme weather better than others. And, not only that, you need a material for your Johnstone property that not only can withstand the ‘traffic’ of your driveway but also match your property.

With so many factors to consider, it is hard to make the right choice!

Gravel – a loose material that comes in all shapes and sizes. It adds a certain luxury and opulence to your property but if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands (or energy either!), then this may not be the right material. It does looking after, with the occasional top up of gravel from time to time.

Paving stones – possibly the most commonly used material for driveways in Johnstone and surrounding areas. But if you are worried it will look grey and boring, take another look. Paving blocks now come in varying sizes, they have a multitude of textures and patterns also available which mean you can really create a bespoke driveway.

Clay block paving – a popular choice with many Johnstone homeowners as the overall affect creates stunning driveways. Laid in a linear or herringbone pattern these block can be expensive mainly as they take a while to lay, therefore labour costs will be more but they are then virtually maintenance free and will last for decades. Neither does harsh weather causing these block issues.

Concrete – another material that can create a durable and robust driveway, however there are few aspects to consider: big driveways can be costly to concrete, although there is now a whole array of colours that can be added to add interest. Likewise, it can now be stamped with patterned tiles to creating an interesting affect. But, even though it is robust and can take the weight of many family cars and heavier vehicles, it does not withstand freezing temperatures too well. It can crack and this of course, will eventually compromise it structure and strength.

Is it a job for the enthusiastic DIYer?

This depends very much on your skill set of not only creating the right foundation but also using your chosen material. For example, non-permeable materials (those that do not let rain water soak through them) need to be sloped to create rain water runoff; standing water on concrete, for example, generally causes puddle dents eventually.

A professional, reputable firm such as Alburn can create perfect driveways for Johnstone properties quickly, without compromising on quality or finish.

Are you looking to re-create your driveway?

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