Driveways Inchinnan

Driveways Inchinnan

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Inchinnan area.

Driveway Installer Inchinnan

There is a certain amount of envy generated when someone steps on your beautifully laid and maintained gravel driveway; the satisfying crunch of gravel under foot is a sound associated with grandeur and elegance. But even better is the fact that gravel driveways are within reach for all Inchinnan customers.

However, before you plunge headlong in laying gravel driveways, Inchinnan customers should first do some research as it may not be the best material for everyone...

Maintenance – on one hand, you do need to maintain your gravel driveway to keep it looking at its best. However, if you don’t mind the off bit of weeding, raking and just general keeping it tidy, then this is not too onerous a task. But, if this does not appeal at all, then maybe give gravel a miss and look at other driveway materials.

Give it time – gravel driveways, as all Inchinnan customers will tell you, need some time to ‘bed down’. You may find a bit of raking here and there, but overall within weeks you will have a driveway that neighbours, friends and family will be quite envious of.

Weeding – you may pluck the odd weed out here and there but the gravel itself is not harmed or compromised should you decide to use chemical weed killers or suppressants.

Don’t let it escape – the best course of action is to have a slight lip where the road or pavement passes over on to your driveway; this does stop a certain amount of gravel escaping but the odd sweep up with the broom will also see you maintain as much of it as possible.

Lay it correctly – many Inchinnan think that laying a gravel driveway is ‘easy’; put some weed matting down, spread the gravel and the job is complete... almost. You may find that unless you get the drainage correct, that various parts of the driveway that is frequently used may start to sink. Enviable gravel driveways soon become something to avoid, with people casting looks of pity in your direction.

Get the right gravel – driveways for Inchinnan need not be expensive and gravel is a relatively inexpensive way of getting a useable, long lasting driveway BUT, you need the right gravel. As a rule of thumb, the more refined, shaped and processed the gravel, the more expensive it will be. Many Inchinnan customers lay a few layers of larger gravel pieces and then use the more refined, expensive gravel on top. This way, as the driveway needs topping up they do so with the nice looking gravel, rather than the grey, large sharp gravel used in concrete.

Eco-friendly too – with everyone becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, many people are considering water shortage and the use of drainage within their garden, rather than just letting it drain away in to the sewers. Gravel allows rain to naturally drain away which will be beneficial to your garden.

Are you looking to upgrade or renew your driveway? Alburn is a local company with vast experience in laying driveways.

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