Driveways Howwood

Driveways Howwood

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Howwood area.

Driveways for Howwood properties – do they really have ‘trends’?

2015 promises to be an exciting year in terms of designs and tastes of customers and, although it may be hard to believe, driveways, like many other aspects of our homes, have trends too!
If you are thinking of a new driveway at your Howwood property, why not take a look at what designers say will be the must-have styles for 2015?

Beauty that is the driveway…

Gone are the days when a bog-standard, make do driveway was enough. Customers are being urged to look at driveways at Howwood properties as architectural pieces of timeless elegance. Don’t; opt for plain-old concrete – dress it up with patterns and stamps. Ring the changes by adding colour and make it look superb, with a beauty all of its own.

To this end, the choice of material is not necessarily limited to one particular type but take a look at some of the ‘greener’ options…

Eco & Green

A strong trend in 2015 will be a nod to the environment with customers considering the water run-off from driveways in Howwood as being all-important. Flooding is – and could become – more common in the coming years, and a hot tip for preventing localised flooding, such as in your garden, is to have a porous driveway that allows water to filter naturally through the earth.


Again, a strong trend for 2015 is landscaping the area of driveway, with the inclusion of bright, colourful and scented plants. However, when you think landscape don’t think clipped border and straight lines; plants and greenery should be spilling over the edges and the odd alpine plant in driveways of Howwood properties will give it the all-important green credentials too.

However, what driveways at Howwood properties do need to do is this: fit the larger landscape around them and complement the property. It should tie in neatly with the home and not jar against it; if your property is modern and stylish, your driveway should be too.

2015 must-have driveway accessory – LIGHTS!

As trends come and go, one that seems here to stay is lights… but not weak, early prototype solar lighting. Solar energy has come on a long way since those early days of weak lights that lasted 20 minutes after darkness fell.

They are brighter and more efficient than ever and this is the way forward in 2015 for driveways in Howwood. But, designers say, why stop at the driveway? Light the property too and really ring the changes!

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