Driveways Greenock

Driveways Greenock

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Greenock area.

Go green in Greenock! The best for eco-friendly driveways…

You wouldn’t think that a driveway at any property could actually contribute to the environment, in either a negative or positive way but it can...and it does.

Here’s how:

Rain is vital. It waters the flora and fauna in an environment, which is essential for attracting bees and other pollinating insects. These insects are the life blood of crops and other food stuff, all of which rely on plenty of rain.

And plenty of rain is something that we have seen plenty of in recent years; who can forget the start to 2014, with high winds and gallons of rain lashing down? But, this water has not been getting to the right places, in some aspects.

Driveways in Greenock, as with front gardens in properties across the country, have succumbed to paving slabs, concrete and other impermeable materials. This means, water cannot filter through it and thus, the water runs off.

When it does, it gathers and pools, finding its way eventually to the sewers and washes away. Too much and the system ‘fails’ with catastrophic results: flooding.

Localised flooding is common; it’s the big puddle in the dip of a hill that seems to hang on to the water. Regardless of where it is, the problem is still the same; the sewers are overwhelmed and cannot cope with the volume of water that is trying to escape away from properties and roads, down the now too-narrow sewers. It all backs up and stands. In the worst case scenario, it makes its way into properties and the like, causing expensive damage and heartache for many.

Attitudes and laws have changed!

Driveways in Greenock being remodelled or created from new all now have to be made from permeable material to encourage as much rainwater as possible to seep into the ground, finding its way to the water table.

This has many advantages and benefits, including not applying for planning permission! If you do insists on using non-permeable materials, then you will need planning permission and with local authorities across the UK under pressure to take better care of the environment, reasons as to why non-permeable materials are being used will need to be based on indisputable facts.

They perform just as well

Many people assume that some of the newer, more modern permeable materials will not be as robust, sturdy and long lasting as some of the ‘old favourites’. Who can dispute concrete as the king of driveway materials?

Known for being long lasting and incredibly practical, concrete is the favoured choice by many a Greenock customers wanting new, sturdy driveways… but it can be permeable now too, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Driveways for Greenock customers can be environmentally friendly AND robust; call us to find out more. 

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