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Driveways Erskine

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3 factors in designing driveways that could add value to Erskine properties

Creating driveways is important in the overall look of Erskine properties and is also a factor in ensuring your property increases in value – who wouldn’t, when choosing their dream home like the idea of a sound roof and delightful, tidy, functional driveway? – but (and it is a big BUT!), the driveway needs to have been designed and installed correctly.

With all the best will in the world, if driveways at Erskine properties do not have the correct foundations, then with the weather and weight of vehicles rolling on and off time and time again, it will start to shift and sink.

Add to these the three following factors, and you should have a driveway that adds some value to your home or property…

The Material

OK, first on the list is what you choose to have the driveway made from and, as a rule of thumb, the more permanent and more work involved in creating it, the more you should see added to the value of your home.

There are some materials that could be seen as ‘temporary’ or make do, and the most obvious one is gravel. Despite it adding glamour and crunch to driveways, many Erskine properties will not shoot up in value.

Even more ‘permanent’ materials such as concrete will only really add value if they have been executed well, with colour and stamping that makes it look like something it isn’t – like a natural stone driveway for example.

Hence, choose driveway materials with care and that you opt for the one that ‘fits’ with the visual appeal of your home, but is also capable of doing the job you are asking of it without sinking or cracking.

The Shape

Number 2 on the list is the shape of driveways – you really need to make the best use of the space you have. If you can incorporate a turning area then all the better, especially if you live on a busy road where parking spots are at a premium.

However, a straight up and down driveway may be functional, but is it possible to add a little extra quirk or shape? Curves are far nicer than sharp, straight edges and don’t forget to plant well around the edges to soften the appeal of your driveway.

The Best Design and Material

Using blocks or pavers to create completely unique driveways a Erskine properties is a great way of adding extra kerb appeal and delight to the front of your home; hard wearing but also ‘good looking’, this style of driveway has everything you could possibly want… and more.

What material would you use to create your perfect driveway?

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