Driveways Elderslie

Driveways Elderslie

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Elderslie area.

Driveway Installer Elderslie

If you are looking for a driveway installer in the Elderslie area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing driveway services.

All our Driveways are installed to the highest standard and are fully guaranteed.

Permeable Driveway Materials for your Elderslie Property

A permeable driveway is a great way to resurface your driveway with a material that actually helps the environment as well as the landscaping of your Elderslie property. With more and more people looking for green and eco-friendly options when it comes to the materials they use in and around their home, take a look at the driveway option open to you.

The importance of permeable driveways

Water, so the Government and various agencies tell us, will become a rarer and much sought after commodity in the future. So much so, that, as householders, we are now being encouraged to harvest out rain, collecting it as it falls off the roof. With driveways and walkways, rather than having material that causes rain water to run off and be collected in the main sewage system, we are now being encouraged to let the run off into the ground. This way, your surrounding garden and landscape flourishes, rather than ‘waste’ water being tipped into the sea.

There are some low tech and some high tech solutions to make Elderslie driveways permeable and more eco-friendly:

Grass – this might not be your first choice as the first thing you probably thought about was acres and acres of mud, with the grass disappearing in winter as the rain lashes down. There is a compromise which some of you may have seen in other areas or application and that is the laying of two, tramlines of paving stones, over which you can walk and drive your car, meaning the grass won’t turn to mud with the latest Scottish down pour.

Loose stones or gravel – materials favoured for many Elderslie driveways, gravel and loose stone offer an immediate solution to allowing rainwater to drain, without wading knee deep in mud. However, they are not suitable for all drives and, for some customers, it is simply not within the budget.

Plastic grid system – this is increasing in popularity and involves the laying of plastic grids into the soft earth of your driveway. It is then filled with sand, soil or gravel. The benefit is that is forms a hard surface on to which you can drive and walk, but still lets the rainwater drain through. Again, it prevents the knee deep in mud action.

There are also many high tech solutions now being created from permeable paving slabs, the permeable concrete but as the technology is still in its relatively infancy, the costs can be high and the skills set of local forms not quite up to speed just yet.

Are you looking for eco-friendly materials for your driveway? Alburn is a local construction and landscaping firm, keen to play their part in looking after the environment. Why not call them today and ask about permeable materials for driveways?

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