Driveways Dumbarton

Driveways Dumbarton

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Dumbarton area.

Creating driveways in Dumbarton – how to make sure yours is ‘fit for purpose’

Improving your home or business premises is something we all do from time to time, and when we do, we need to make sure that the improvements we are investing in are not only worth the money being spent on them, but will be an improvement that will last for a long time to come.

This means making sure that it is ‘fit for purpose’ and with driveway at Dumbarton properties, this is no different…

  • Size- depending on how and what you want to use it for, a driveway should be as big as the front garden can accommodate, without necessarily taking up all planting space. Building too small will make it less than useless and you will still be parking on the road side as parking/turning will be too much of a hassle!
  • Shape – not all Dumbarton properties are blessed with an infinite amount of space, thus the ‘shape’ tends to be a park on and roll off rectangle. However, if there is a little more space to play with, then creating a half circle or U shape is a prime one to opt for. The answer lay in the fact that you can turn your vehicle on your driveway, rather than reversing out onto a busy highway.
  • Accessories – many people do not may much heed as to how driveways at Dumbarton properties can be accessorised, and we don’t mean dangling with jewels! Lighting, for example, is an essential accessory, making your drive a much safer place to use at dusk or at night time. Planting is another accessory that people often forget about and with driveways have specific regulation concerning drainage, planting is one way of keeping the surrounding area well drained.
  • Material – there is a huge choice of materials for use on driveways in and around Dumbarton but, the important factors in your choice will be;
  • Increased drainage – the run off of rainwater from driveways is now an environmental consideration and all materials used on modern driveways (since 2009) must be permeable (allowing water to pass through); if using non-permeable materials, homeowners will need planning permission
  • Budget – the biggest factor in your choice of materials will be your budget; some materials, due to modern manufacturing processes, are now much cheaper meaning that there is an ever-widening choice for customers

Are you considering adding or renewing a driveway?

If so, calling in the experts will ensure that you have not only the best design, but the best product. The construction of the driveway will also be top quality, something that many do-it-yourself buffs may not always consider. To have a stable, functional driveway, it needs to have several layers of foundation that are strong and robust.

Why not call in the professionals, the experts in building driveways throughout Dumbarton?

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