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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Clydebank area.

Creating or extending driveways at Clydebank properties – a weekend DIY job?

Many people assume that creating driveways at Clydebank properties is simply about levelling the ground, throwing on a top coat of material – gravel would do, surely? – and the job is done. However, as you will see there is slightly more to creating a functional, useable driveway that will withstand usage and weather…


The most important consideration is drainage and, in recent years, this has become even more apparent. Rainwater, despite its fairly ambient appearance, can be erosive with some material and in some circumstances. It may look like an innocent puddle, but over time, the water will erode the material on which it sits.
Not only is encouraging run off important, it is also important to understand where this run off is going. Did you know, for example, that if you choose to renovate, re-shape or build a new driveway that the majority of the water must NOT run off into the road and the drains?
Do you know where this water should go? Modern driveways at Clydebank properties need to be permeable, which means allowing the rainwater to naturally filter through the layers of material into the water table underground. Will you do-it-yourself driveway do that?


In order for water to filter through material, there needs to be several materials and layers that do this. Many customers can be surprised at how deep excavations need to be in order to create or remodel driveways at Clydebank properties.
There needs to be a course layer of aggregate that is compacted to provide integral strength to the driveway, followed by progressively smaller sized aggregate – again, all compacted to give the strength the driveways needs – and then the final layer of material that you see. Some top layer material may require slightly different materials in the foundations.

Do you need planning permission?

Without knowing the full details of all driveways at Clydebank properties projects, it is impossible to tell. In some cases, you may need permission especially if you would like a drop-kerb on the public highway in order to access the driveway easily.
Also, you will need planning permission is you intend on using non-permeable material to create your driveway. Deciding to ignore planning advice and permission may mean a hefty fine and, having to rip up the driveway and start again.

Is it a DIY job, creating driveways at Clydebank properties?

Unless you have the time, the tools, the machinery (in some cases) and the skills, creating a driveway can take a long time and be a lot of hard work, especially for one or two people without all the necessary gear!

A professional expert company can help you design and create the most spectacular of driveways at your Clydebank property; why not call us?


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