Driveways Bridge of Weir

Driveways Bridge of Weir

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Bridge of Weir area.

Driveway Installer Bridge of Weir

If you are considering a new driveway for your Bridge of Weir property there are four key factors that you need to bear in mind when choosing the right material:

  • It needs to be functional
  • Withstand all the weathers thrown at it
  • It needs to fit with the overall aesthetic appeal of your property
  • It also needs to be durable, lasting the test of time

Which material is right for Bridge of Weir driveways?

Of course, it may be easy to choose the material but there is one guiding principle which flavours all major renovations – budget!

Some materials are more expensive than others but you will also need to consider the cost of labour involved in laying the material.

No expense spared!

If you have the budget and the time for the driveway to be laid, then consider the use of wither brick or paving stones. The application of both materials has changed considerably over the years, with stunning patterns being created but, it does take a while to create perfect driveways at Bridge of Weir properties.

The foundations need to be correct before the top layer of bricks or paving are laid. It goes without saying that this top layer needs to be laid correctly or it will sink and dip within weeks of use.

Limited budget but still looking for an amazing driveway?

The gravel is the answer! Just as with bricks or pavers, the foundation needs to be correct as gravel still needs a firm basis on which to settle; if this is not present, then just as with all other materials it can dip and sink meaning that your hard-earned cash has been wasted on a driveway not fit for purpose.

What about maintenance?

Some of us love a spot of gardening, spending many hours pottering around the garden whilst some of us are the exact opposite. Gravel will need more spending on it than brick or pavers, but if you envisage yourself weeding for days on end, you may be pleasantly surprised; it literally only takes a short time every few months to keep gravel in tip-top condition.

Is laying Bridge of Weir driveways a do-it-yourself project?

This really depends on your skill level as well as how much time you have at your disposal. Some materials are more complex to work with than others. You also need to be confident you have the ability to create the correct foundations for which ever material you have selected for your driveway.

But why not save yourself time and stress? Why not hand your driveway construction project over to a trusted firm such as Alburn?

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