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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Bearsden area.

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If you are looking for a driveway installer in the Bearsden area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing driveway services.

All our Driveways are installed to the highest standard and are fully guaranteed.

Can driveways look beautiful and exciting…?

Exciting and beautiful are not necessarily two characteristics that you would expect to use to describe a driveway. In fact, you have probably not given much thought to the drive until you realised that your current one is worn, rugged and full of pot holes.

You may have contemplated laying a new driveway yourself – it can’t be that difficult to do, you may have said to yourself as your scour the internet for a ‘how to’ guide – but, you may have realised that there can be so much more to driveways at Bearsden properties that just a place to park the car.

The 5 characteristics of a beautiful, elegant and exciting driveway

  • Finish – the finish of your driveway is important. The uppermost layer is the one that you see (and admire) and the one that everyone else sees (and admires, with envy). It needs to be in keeping with the property, as well as the landscape (gravel, for example, on a slope will not work… it’ll wash away). Choose wisely and well for your budget and you will have a beautiful driveway to be envied for years to come.
  • Foundation – however, what goes on underneath the top layer is just as important. A major contributory factor in maintaining the beauty of a driveway, the foundation layers need to be correct. They need to compacted, yet free draining. If drainage is an issue, you will need these putting in. Water can saturate, buckle and erode a driveway within only a few months or years.
  • Lights – lighting is an important security and safety issue but, not only that, there is something luxurious, decadent almost to lighting on a driveway. Opt for ones with sensors so that when visitors call, their pathway to your door is illuminated by softly glowing lights. Don’t just think that flood lighting is your only option.
  • Plants – some people opt for a complete driveway look at their property; others find this too harsh, too devoid of character. If this is the case for you, plants will add colour and scent, as well as soften those sharp, angular edges. It is also a great way of adding drainage…
  • Eco-friendly – driveways at Bearsden properties have more to do with the local environment that you think. On the next downpour, watch where and how the water behaves. In all likelihood it aims for the gutter overwhelming the sewers and localised flooding ensues. A permeable driveway can help to alleviate this.

And so, armed with these five characteristics, how will your driveway look? Driveways at Bearsden properties can look beautiful, elegant and exciting. 

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