Driveways Airdrie

Driveways Airdrie

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a driveway service to the Airdrie area.

Why driveways at Airdrie properties are important

The driveway is the often unsung hero of a property. Hardly worth a second glance, we use them over and over again with no real consideration for the job that they do. And so, if you are consider installing a new one or, revamping your current driveway, why not take a moment to think of its importance – and why getting it right is important too!

  • Off road parking

Our roads and streets appear to be getting more congested. The same is true in residential areas. With many families having more than one car, what was once a quiet street has now turned into an enormous car park.

Cars parked on pavements and so on, create many hazards for pedestrians and other vehicles drivers too. And, there is nothing worse than having your wing mirror knocked off. Again. The time has come to end the dents, scratches and hanging wing mirrors and utilise the front garden as a parking spot – which is how many driveways in Airdrie start life.

  • A stable, flat platform

However, before you start knocking walls down and hanging gates you do need to consider the how you intend creating a stable, flat platform on which you can part your car.
It is NOT a case of throwing a bag or two of gravel down on the soil and driving your car on. This will eventually cause the earth to compact in strips, meaning tyre tracks will sink below the level of the other earth.

It will look a soggy, muddy mess and will not be the platform you need.

Driveways at Airdrie properties need to be constructed properly, with the correct foundations and so on. Failure to do so will cause the earth the shift, and not in a pleasant way.

  • Environmental concerns

You also need to know that new driveways in Airdrie, along with any undergoing improvement need to be constructed in a way that allows for rainwater to soak into the water table, and not flow away down the drain.

This can be done by choosing from a range of permeable materials and again, with the correct foundations in place you will not notice the difference.

  • Accessorising

Driveways at Airdrie properties also do not need to be boring and devoid of character. You can create soft corners and edges with planting, opt for lighting too and finish the look with electric gates, should you so desire.

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