Drainage Glasgow

Drainage Glasgow

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a drainage service to the Glasgow area.

Drainage Solutions Glasgow

If you are looking for a drainage services in the Glasgow area ALBURN Construction & Landscaping can help. We have many years experience providing drainage services.

How to look after your home – keep an eye on drainage!

Here in the UK, we can experience long bouts of inclement weather; in other words, rain can fall from the sky for days and what can start as a trickle can soon turn into a waterfall of rainwater, cascading off your roof. Averaging 1,243 hours of sunshine and 1,109mm of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow or hail), Glasgow enjoys a fairly temperate climate.

But when rain does fall, the drainage at your Glasgow property needs to be ready…

Pipes are the components that make up the guttering system of your property, the network that performs the act of drainage. This ensure that rainwater, along with any other precipitation is channelled away quickly and effectively; no property, no matter what is it built from, will benefit from standing in a pool of water or sodden ground from poor drainage.

What can go wrong with this network of pipes?

Effective drainage at your Glasgow property will depend on this system of pipes and guttering working to the best of their ability all the time, but problems can occur…

  • Poor or incorrect installation in the first place – many people think that replacing the guttering is an ‘easy’ DIY job to be completed over the weekend. In some instances, following instruction and understanding the science of drainage at their Glasgow home, the DIY installation approach will work fine but, failure to follow the basic principles of effective drainage will lead to issues. Correcting these errors with a new system or replacement parts if essential.
  • Blockages or ‘plugging’ – gutters and pipes can, from time to time, end up clogged with all types of debris and detritus, from seeds to stones, rotting leaves and all manner of flying debris! When pipes become blocked – partially or fully – it prevents effective drainage at your Glasgow property. Blockages need dealing with quickly, as water will soon over run the blockage, causing it to cascade over the side of the pipes and guttering. Not only will this cause unsightly stains on the exterior of your property but over time, the ineffective drainage could cause problems with the foundations of your home.
  • Wear and tear – nothing lasts for ever and this is true for the network of pipes and guttering surrounding your property. The ravages of weather, from hit sunshine to gale force winds will cause ruptures and tears in your gutters; this will mean that once again, the effective drainage system on your Glasgow property will be compromised.

Get the drainage on your Glasgow property checked; call us to make an appointment today!

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