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ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a decking service to the Hillington area.

Which material will you choose for the decking at your Hillington property?

Many years ago, when decking in the garden became fashionable, it was taken for granted that the material of choice would be wood; in fact, it was a given but, over time, the quality and range of wood on offer for decking at Hillington properties has increased considerably.


Just like the wood used in garden sheds, the quality of wood and the way it is treated prior to use can add to the cost of creating superb decking. Ideally, wood that has been pressure treated is one that lasts longer than that which has not.

What does pressure treated mean?

Wood, as we know, is at the mercy of the elements; from sun, rain, ice, snow and everything else that the weather can throw at it! Over time, the strength and integrity of the wood is compromised. Effectively, it rots and whilst this is a nuisance, parts of the wooden decking can be replaced with new pieces.

However, wood that has been pressure treated will last longer as, what this means effectively means is that the preserving chemical is forced through not just the exterior of the wood, but the interior of it too. This wood can withstand the weather far better…

Composite decking

Composite means to mix materials together to create a material that has the best of both worlds – in this case, the benefits if creating a ‘super’ material from recycled plastic fibres and wood.

Strong and robust, this composite decking materials for Hillington properties will not warp or rot, neither will it sag. In fact, it is far safer to enjoy in the summer when walking across it in bare feet too, and the chances of picking up painful splinters is very remote. Constructed correctly, this type of decking will last for a very long time.

Recent advances also mean that top manufacturers of composite decking material are creating ones that look like wood and so, if you are wanting the natural look of wood in the garden and think composite material will look too out of place, then think again!

Most manufacturers guarantee their product for 25 years and, even better for those of us who want the look of decking at their Hillington properties but not the maintenance of stain and varnishing the deck, composite material, apart from the odd wash down, needs no such maintenance.

And so, there is a choice of wood or composite material for decking; all plastic decking is also proving popular. Similar to the compose material, it offers the same robustness and strength, with minimal maintenance.

Which material will you choose for the decking at your Hillington home?

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