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Choosing the right material for your decking to complement your Glasgow home or business

Only a few years ago, if you were completing a decking project at your Glasgow property there was very little choice when it came to the material you would use – it was wood.
But, with the popularity of decking still on the rise, manufacturers have invested in new technology, creating new materials making the choice of which material a whole lot harder and more involved…

What are the options?

You can now choose from pressure treated wood, natural wood and a wood composite material, as well as vinyl and combinations of materials but with wood still being a popular choice, how do you know which wood is the right material?

Pressure treated wood

Seen as the ‘industry standard’, pressure treated wood is a far more forgiving material than other materials on the market, for those not experienced in decking projects at their Glasgow property, this is the material for them. Easy to work with, it cuts much better that some of the composite or missed material decking materials.
Pressure treated wood offers so many benefits such as;

  • Economy – as a material it is within many budget ranges unlike some other materials
  • Natural appearance – many customers creating decking at their Glasgow property want a natural looking product
  • Environmental friendly – especially when from sustainable forests etc.
  • Superior quality – including strength and durability

BUT, despite all these benefits and being pressure treated, you will need to maintain your decking, such as painting or staining.

Wood composite materials

The new kind on the block in terms of decking material for Glasgow customers, the advent of this material came about as a result of creating a material that would not rot or warp, and so a mix of plastic and wood was created. Sales of this material have grown around 25% in previous years and some UK homeowners are now opting for this decking material.
What is driving its popularity of the qualities of it, mainly it attraction as being a low maintenance product. For example, no longer will you need to stain or paint to keep it water and weather proof; apart from the odd power wash every now and then, you really need to do very little else with this material. And, it also comes in a range of colours too!

Are you looking to create a superb decking area at your Glasgow home or business? There are now many materials to consider but, have you the skill to work with the all? Why not take the opportunity to see how we can help you create a decking area ready for summer?

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