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Decking Erskine

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a decking service to the Erskine area.

Choosing the right decking for your Erskine property

At one time, having a lawn to mow was as about as adventurous as gardens across the country got! But, there was a ‘revolution’ as we realised that decking could create space in the garden that was useable… and decking was born!

However, decking in Erskine do not have to be just square or rectangular… it can be any shape, any size and you can have more than one in the garden too. Planned and designed well, you can create a perfect decking, ripe for use throughout the year;


Creating decking is not difficult but a trap that many people can fall in to when they create and build their own, is they get the scale for their garden and property wrong. Remember that decking should not dwarf a garden or space in which it was built, and you can do this by bearing the following in mind:

  • Raising the decking in an Erskine garden, creating a platform is the great way of adding versatile space to a garden; they look great extending straight from the exit door out into the garden
  • However not all homes are blessed with flat gardens; if you garden has many undulations and steep sections, with careful planning, a raised platform can be created that can add far more useable space to a garden
  • Many clients are realising the benefits of free standing decking at their Erskine property which effectively means that the decking is completely unattached to the property; it can be found like a sturdy, yet floating island in another portion of the garden where it benefits from a better view or more sun
  • Or, with help from professionals, you can create shaped decking that is also multi-level; adding interests with steps up and down to vary the height of the decking, along with accessories and ornate portions in the decking is also a great way of creating a space with interest

Choosing the right material

Decking is commonly made from wood, but there are newer materials on the market too, that also give superior performance…

  • Softwoods, such as pine, give a smooth and light look to decking at your Erskine garden; they are usually the cheapest but will require regular treatment to keep them strong and clean looking
  • Hardwoods, such as teak, are brilliant for decking but are significantly more expensive than softwoods. They are however, more durable but will also require regular treatment.
  • Composites on the other hand are relatively new to the market and are a mix of recycled timber chippings and sawdust, along with plastic adhesives etc. Easy to maintain, they also have the look of wood but without the need for heavy maintenance

Are you thinking about decking at your Erskine home? What will your create?

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