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Decking Elderslie

ALBURN Construction & Landscaping provide a decking service to the Elderslie area.

Revitalise your Elderslie garden with decking!

Decking is popular and it is no surprise when you consider why – it looks good, it is functional, providing a flat ‘platform’ or space on which to entertain family and friends, as well as a great place to soak up the sun and watch the kids play.

It is versatile in design too; it can be as big or as small as you need it to be. Likewise, it can be built as a handy step around outdoor pools, hot tubs or form a path to and from various parts of the garden.
At one time, decking was made from wood… but now there is a new material that can offer all the same benefits as wood, plus a few extra…


Possibly the most popular material for decking and it is easy to see why;

  • A natural material, something that many Elderslie customers searching for a great-looking decking will opt for.
  • From a sustainable source, wood is also eco-friendly
  • Many customers also like the fact that every plank of wooden decking material for their Elderslie garden is different and unique; the grain and knots differ from piece to piece.
  • Wood is also a cheaper product than many of the other composite or PVC based materials that many people are opting for.

BUT, there is one downside with wood as a material for decking and that is the fact that unless it is well-maintained and cared for, the decking will rot. Even with regular staining, painting or varnishing, the element will eventually weaken it, although this can be decades later!
Wood decking can last decades, especially if the right kind of wood that has undergone pressure treatment is used to build decking. However, there is a ‘new’ material to consider…

PVC decking

Plastic has come on leaps and bounds since it was first used to create white plastic garden chairs! Mixed with other material, some recycled, the material us now popping up in all different applications around the home and garden, with decking being one of them.
There are many benefits to a PVC decking at your Elderslie home…

  • Unlike wood, it does not rot or decay making its lifespan far longer
  • It also requires very little maintenance, apart from a wash down every now and them
  • The majority of PCV decking products looks like wood, so much so that it can be difficult to tell the difference!
  • It is incredibly robust so if you have vision of a flimsy, sagging deck, think again.

However, as mentioned previously, PVC as a material is expensive and so, it is worth considering the investment needed to create decking at your Elderslie home. Which would you choose?

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